An ancient, high-potency preparation for inflammation, fever, flu, colds, infections and many other conditions and ailments

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How to use SuperTonic

Do not underestimate the power of this combination. We’ve used it for 30 years to great effect, whenever we feel a cold, flu or inflammation.

We discovered SuperTonic over 30 years ago and have made it and used it with amazing results ever since. One day we handed a bottle to Dan, owner of a well-known farm store in Ohio that carries our fermented food products. Dan was miserable with a sore throat, congested sinus and a cough. He really felt bad and could hardly function. We told him, "Try this, it works!". A few days later Dan called us, and we could tell right away from his voice that the sore throat and congestion were gone.  After thanking us, Dan surprised us by saying, “I want you to package that stuff you gave me.  I’ve got to bring it to our customers.”  Well, it had never occurred to us to sell this product that had worked so well for us for years, but Dan's mind was made up.