Curtido – lightly spicy kraut with tang of lemon from South America  (We ship only during cooler months due to refrigeration requirements)

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Benefits of raw fermented sauerkraut and curtido

Pre-digests food: Lactic acid and lacto-bacteria break down nutrients into more easily digested forms. Bio-availability of vitamins and minerals is improved

Creates new nutrients. Microbial fermenting cultures actually create nutrients, including B vitamins, active enzymes, Omega-fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

Functions as an antioxidant

High probiotic count that  reaches lower intestine

Method of food preservation in every culture for thousands of years

All our krauts are from organically grown veggies

How to use:

Kraut should be a daily condiment rather than an occasional food.  Even one bite per meal enhances your digestive tract more so than a large helping just twice a week.  Frequency is more important than quantity.