The Weston Price Connection


Weston Price, a dentist and researcher of the 1930’s, traveled to remote corners of the earth to study the dietary habits of isolated, nonindustrialized peoples.  His goal was to determine what we need to eat to be in robust health.  His travels took him to the Swiss Alps, hinterlands of Alaska, back country of Africa and Australia, mountain villages of Peru, and very remote islands of the South Pacific.  What added to the significance of these studies was the introduction of modern diets to some of these cultures.  Some families held to the old traditional diets, while others adopted the modern diet laden with white flour, sugar, and commercial vegetable oils.  He was often able to witness the contrast of the robust health of the traditional diets to the compromised health of those on the modern diets.  He published these findings along with photo’s.  In communities where inhabitants consumed only their own traditional foods, they were superbly health.  Although they had never used a toothbrush, they had beautiful straight teeth – and no tooth decay.  These people did not suffer from obesity, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, infertility or birth defects.  


Dr. Price started finding commonalities in diet among these various cultures.  These health isolated people consumed certain nutrient-dense foods like butter and cream, eggs, organ meats, insects, fish, fish oils, and shell fish.  Each of these cultures used raw fermented foods and beverages as well. 


Dr. Prices’s research has shown us how healthy people eat.  The foods they eat had four times the minerals that were available in the typical American diet of  his day.  This is partly because these people did not eat “empty” foods, like sugar, white flour, etc.  But it’s also because they ate foods that were naturally rich in minerals—either seafood from mineral-rich waters or meat, dairy foods and vegetables from animals and plants that were nourished by mineral-rich soil.


Because these ingredients are too expensive for food manufacturers to use in processed foods, the food industry can make bigger profits using vegetable oils instead of animal fats, particularly the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils that mimic the properties of mostly saturated fats found in traditional foods like butter, lard, and coconut oil.  Unfortunately, scientists have discovered that these altered fats can cause everything from cancer and heart disease to growth problems and infertility. 


I would invite you to read Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions as a starting place for understanding healthy eating.  Sally Fallon, who spent 20 years exploring the relationship between nutrition and diet, has spearheaded the Weston Price movement.  Weston A. Price Chapters now exist all over the world.  These chapters comprise small groups of folks asking questions and searching for real answers regarding health and diet.  Such chapters exist in Indy, Cincy, and Dayton and their monthly meetings are alive with ideas, questions, education, and events.