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SuperTonic, Elderberry Syrup, Hawthorn Berry Syrup, Krauts, and KimChi


SuperTonic, Elderberry, and Hawthorn Berry Syrup are available year-round.  KKrauts and KimChi are available for online shipping ONLY during cooler months due to refrigeration requirements.  We are currently shipping our krauts in PET plastic jars as breakage of glass during shipping has been a problem.



Abington Meadows Elderberry Syrup
32 oz Elderberry Syrup ($85.00)
16 oz Elderberry Syrup ($45.00)
8 oz Elderberry Syrup ($24.50)
Abington Meadows Hawthorn Berry Syrup
32 oz Hawthorn Berry Syrup ($78.00)
16 oz Hawthorn Berry Syrup ($46.00)
8 oz Hawthorn Berry Syrup ($25.00)
16 oz SuperTonic ($32.00)
8 oz SuperTonic ($18.00)
32 oz SuperTonic ($57.00)
Turmeric and Honey SuperTonic
32 oz Turmeric and Honey SuperTonic ($66.00)
16 oz Turmeric and Honey SuperTonic ($38.00)
8 oz Turmeric and Honey SuperTonic- 8 oz ($21.00)