Recent Kraut Testimonials:

I simply want to thank Hidden Pond Farms for producing such quality fermented products. Several years ago I was introduced to the world of fermented foods, and have been so thankful to have been introduced to these health benefits! I saw your kimchi and sauerkraut at Lucky's Market and have tried both, and love them!! Thank you for your dedication to keeping Bloomington stocked with local, health-boosting ferments."



"My digestion has been better with the kraut than with any digestive enzyme or probiotic from a pill.  seems to be a difference in the live natural form."

"I just discovered your root kraut at Goose, the Market, and I wanted to tell you how delicious it is. The fact that it is very nutritious is wonderful, but it also tastes great, and is a fantastic accompaniment to a wide variety of foods."

"I've been meaning to tell you that people LOVE your sauerkraut! Anytime I talk to a customer about it they rave about how good it is. I actually took a call from a lady who was hesitant to order it this week (even though she did) because the last time she ordered it she ate the entire jar in a day!"

"I love your kraut!  Tried my first bite yesterday and am thrilled at the 'zing' I received.  I've always loved kraut beginning with the (ugh) commercial jars in my home growing up.  At that point I never knew what great things it could offer my health.  This is why I was searching for some locally produced product at Good Earth last week.
So happy to have found you."

"My 20 yr old son loves your taco kraut. Thank you more that I can begin to tell you for creating this product. Finally, I can get probiotics in him that will work!"


Making Sauerkraut

Benefits of Lactic Acid Fermention
  • Preserves food.  Lactic acid is a bio-preservative, while retaining fresh food values. In the 1700s, many on ship-board died of scurvy from lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. But Captain James Cook loaded 60 barrels of kraut for his 27 month round-the-world voyage and lost not one crewman to scurvy.
  • Pre-digests food: Lactic acid and lacto-bacteria break down nutrients into more easily digested forms. Bioavailability of vitamins and minerals is improved. Lactic acid stimulates the stomach’s production of digestive acids and serves as a digestive acid itself. Thus ferments are an effective aid to those with digestive problems. Raw kraut is also high in vitamin C.
  • Creates new nutrients. Microbial fermenting cultures actually create nutrients, including B vitamins, active enzymes, Omega-fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
  • Functions as an antioxidant, scavenging “free radicals” from your body which are pre-cursors to cancer.
  • Probiotics in Kraut: Unlike some probiotics taken in pill form, the probiotics in kraut survive the stomach acid environment, hence reaching the lower digestive tract.
Conventional Sauerkraut
Commercial food processing has rendered the making of sauerkraut to a more uniform and saleable product while reducing its nutrition. Industrial use of vinegar brine results in more acidic product, but not necessarily beneficial when eaten. This product is also pasteurized, thus killing all of the lactic-acid producing bacterial and robbing consumers of their beneficial effect on digestion.
Fermented Sauerkraut and Digestive Health
•   The digestive process has two distinct processes:
    1. Breaking down ingested foods and 2. Building up of nutrients needed by the  body.  In reality we nourish ourselves not by what we eat, but what we are  capable of breaking down and transforming into nutrients the body can use. Lactic acid sauerkraut contributes to both processes
•   Breaking food down: Organic acids in kraut break down the foods we eat. They normalize the acidity of the stomach, stimulating acid producing glands, and in cases where acidity is too high, it has the inverse effect.
•   Building up of nutrients needed by the body: Lactic acid produces beneficial bacterial flora (probiotics)  which create an acid environment in which pathogens cannot survive.  In effect, these microorganisms contribute not only to the absorption of nutrients and functioning of the intestines, but our ability to resist infections.
•   Fermented live-cultured sauerkraut is not only used to achieve and maintain   optimal digestive health, but is also an integral part of cancer therapies and other more serious conditions.
How Much Should Be Eaten
Kraut should be a daily condiment rather than an occasional food.  Even one bite per meal enhances your digestive tract more so than a large helping just twice a week.  Frequency is more important than quantity.  
Inside the Crock
Our method of producing kraut combines unrefined sea salt and chopped organic vegetables to release the juices. The mixture is tightly packed into a lead-free crock, weighted down by stones, and allowed to ferment for 2 -– 3 weeks.  Recent advances in ferment crock design provide a water seal lid that prevents oxygen from producing surface scum on the batch, but allows ferment-produced carbonic gases to escape. The result is a purer ferment process and an even better kraut product than Grandma made.
Lactic acid fermentation of fruits and vegetables is a natural process by which starches and sugars are converted into lactic acid by lactobacilli that are present in all living things.
Lactic acid-producing bacteria populations explode, rapidly raising acidity so that bacteria of decay cannot survive. This preserves fermented vegetables. 
Kraut Crock
I love everything that I ordered from you. The beet kvass is delicious. I really feel like it is helping my liver immensly... I had ordered some cultured vegetables from a company in New York (found them through Dr. Mercola's site) and I am trying to use up what I purchased. I must say that your kraut is so far superior, but I don't want what I have to go to waste, so I will use it. I only wish that I had found Hidden Pond Farm first. I will be ordering all my kraut from you from now on starting in October when you ship again. The three different krauts I tried from you are delicious. Hopefully I will be able to try all the varieties. They are a real treat besides being so healing...Mary 
New Product: Turnip Kraut!!