Kombucha Facts

The earliest documented consumption of Kombucha tea dates back to the Chinese Qin Dynasty of 221BC. In ancient documents from that period, kombucha tea is referred to as ‘The elixir of life’.

Has always been a tonic, healthful and healing beverage, as well as a tangy, zesty beverage.

Has been studied extensively and many health benefits found

Kombucha is a slightly cidery beverage, which may have a natural carbonation, but does not always.

The Kombucha culture transforms the tea and sugar into metabolic substances such as glucuronic and lactic acids.  It also introduces micro-organisms into the body to assist in digestion. 

Kombucha is a powerful detoxifier, primarily through gluconic acid which forms compounds with metabolic wastes as well as drugs and poisons and then removes them from the body.

How to Use Kombucha

The amount of Kombucha that you can drink depends on the individual. A healthy person can consume one to two pints daily.  You may want to start with a half glass per day.  The best time to drink Kombucha is in the morning before breakfast. 

After about a week if you haven’t been experiencing any side effects like irregular bowel movements, headaches, etc. you may want to increase the amount you are consuming.  The side effects are the body’s reaction to toxins being flushed out of the body.  Drink more water each day to help flush these toxins.  

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Dr. Rudolf Sklenar (Tea Fungus Kombucha – The Natural

Remedy and its Significance in Cases of Cancer

and other Metabolic Diseases) has documented

specific healing and health results using kombucha.

We of course cannot make claims regarding curing

disease, but we can state that many cures have been

documented, as kombucha is under scientific

analysis.  (see various studies referenced

at http://www.happyherbalist.com/analysis_of_kombucha


Without mentioning any disease, we can say that the

marvelous array of nutritive constituents in kombucha

have extraordinary detoxifying and metabolic balancing

qualities, like those of no other known product. Kombucha

has been found to have the following effects:

Aids cellular communication, performance and


Is an energy food, supplying lactic and many other

organic acids, which are bio-energizers.

Has a desirable alkalizing effect.

Has wonderful regulating and balancing effect on all

organs. Probiotic organic acids, lactic and acetic, support

a healthy balance of digestive bacteria

Other organic acids act to detox the liver, protect cellular

membranes, strengthen the gut walls, combat yeast

infections, replenish cartilage and joint fluids, provide

anti-oxidants and strengthen the skeletal system.

Might these beneficial effects help to heal disease?

You call it!

The Making of Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, made by adding a culture of bacteria and yeast to sweetened organic black or green tea. This broad-spectrum yet closely symbiotic colony of beneficial microbes acts to convert the tea and sugar into an amazing range of healthful constituents, including organic acids, enzymes, probiotics, anti-oxidants, B vitamins, vitamin C, anti-carcinogens and collagen.  This culture is called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).  We use a commercial starter culture to achieve best results.

There are two general methods of Kombucha-making.

The single batch ferment cycle usually runs for 10 days or so, then the batch is poured off and another batch started. With the continuous batch method, 10-20% of the batch is drawn from the crock daily, and the same amount of fresh tea then added to the batch—the batch runs continuously. Continuous batch produces the full spectrum and greatest benefits of the succession of bacteria and yeast populations, whereas with single batch, each successive microbial population crowds out the former, thus producing more of a mono-culture rather than a broad spectrum of beneficial microbes.

This process is done with sterile glass vessels and

careful attention to pH, taste, and appearance.  Regular

submerging of the SCOBY into the fermented tea is

done as an added precaution to prevent molding of the SCOBY

We use the continuous batch method.

Our kombucha is UNFILTERED and unpasteurized to optimize nutritional value.

What customers are saying:

"Your kombucha is by far the best I have ever tasted! I usually got mine at Whole Foods in Indianapolis, but not anymore. I'm so glad i stopped at your farmers market stand :)"