KimChi from Hidden Pond Farm



KimChi Facts

•  The magazine Health named KimChi in its list of top five
  "World's Healthiest Foods" for being rich in vitamins,
    aiding digestion, and even possibly reducing cancer

•  References to KimChi can be found as early as 2600–3000
    years ago.

•    KimChi is a national passion in South and North Korea.
    The average adult Korean consumes more than a
    quarter pound of KimChi every day.

•   KimChi stands apart from regular kraut because of the
    following components: Red pepper, ginger, garlic, and
    onion.  What is notable is that each separate one of
    these four is among the top healing herbs throughout
    history.  Entire books have been written about each
    one of them - they have been used in healing hundreds
    of diseases.  We know of no other food that contains
    all four of these super healers.

•  KimChi is hot and spicy, but what is notable is that its
    heat is considerably reduced during fermentation. It
    would be hard to eat pre-fermented KimChi because of
    the dense, combined heat of these four ingredients.
.   KimChi also contains hundreds of species of beneficial
    bacteria, is a powerful anti-oxidant and immune booster,
    and has been used in published, documented cancer
Inside the Crock

Our method of producing KimChi combines unrefined sea
salt, chopped organic vegetables,  and a powerful and
delightful combination of red pepper, ginger, onion, and
garlic prepared as a paste.  The mixture is tightly packed
into a lead-free crock, weighted down by stones, and
allowed to ferment for 2 to 3 weeks.

Recent advances in ferment crock design provide a water-
seal lid that prevents oxygen from producing surface scum
on the batch, but allows ferment-produced carbonic gases
to escape. The result is a purer ferment process.

Lactic acid fermentation of fruits and vegetables is a
natural process by which starches and sugars are
converted into lactic acid by lactobacilli that are present
in all living things.

Lactic acid-producing bacteria populations explode, rapidly
raising acidity so that bacteria of decay cannot survive. This
preserves fermented vegetables.

KimChi and Health

•   KimChi reduces unhealthy cholesterol: Here’s how!
    Garlic (working with onion) in KimChi is key.  Garlic is 60%   
    allicin which reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels -- 
    the major cause of heart attacks and strokes. Garlic also
   contains selenium, key in preventing cholesterol platelets     
   from adhering to artery walls.

•   Cayenne pepper aids digestion, heart, and circulatory system.
     Increases effectiveness  of other herbs.  Can rebuild tissue in
     stomach.  Helps body create hydrochloric acid (good for digestion),
     enhances cardiovascular performance while lowering blood
     pressure.   Good source of vitamin C.

•   Kimchi promotes intestinal health. Kimchi works to clean    
    out your system by feeding the lactobacteria and  
    bifidobacteria that live in your intestines. These are the
   “friendly bacteria” that we need to be healthy. Kimchi
    nourishes them so they can thrive and outnumber the
   “unfriendly bacteria” that threaten our health from the 
How Much Should Be Eaten? 

•   KimChi should be a daily condiment rather than an
    occasional food.  Even one bite per meal enhances your
    digestive tract more so than a large helping just twice
    a week.  Frequency is more important than quantity.