Beet Kvass


Beet Kvass
Beet Kvass Facts
•  Lacto-fermented beverage made from beets,
   unrefined sea salt, and whey.
•  One small glass morning and night —
       --Is an excellent blood tonic
       --Promotes regularity
       --Aids digestion
       --Alkalizes the blood
       --Cleanses the liver
•   Beet kvass probably originated in the
    Ukraine, although grain kvass originated in
Recent update information from Kelly Dearie of Creative Cultures, Santa Cruz, CA (
'The only villages near Chernobyl that didn't experience radiation poisoning were the ones drinking Beet Kvass. I have heard this from multiple sources but I haven't been able to locate any scientific studies, so I'll keep you posted, and if you have any resources related to this please let me know, thanks!

What is verified is that beet Kvass and beet juice helps detox from radiation and toxin exposure, is used as a cancer therapy throughout Europe and is frequently recommended to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy . Beet Kvass is also a good source of whole-spectrum, natural iodine.  Beet kvass cleanses the liver, improves digestion with over 20 different beneficial probiotics and b-vitamin rich yeast, helps with allergies, and more and more.  This is why the Ukrainians call it a "Cure All".

If you or someone you know has stress, digestive problems, blood issues, cancer, toxicity, or general health issues please forward this to them."
                                 Beet Kvass and Health
•   Beets and beet kvass are valued for their
    liver-cleansing properties and widely used
    in cancer therapies in Europe.
•   Anecdotal reports indicate that beet kvass
    is an excellent therapy for chronic
    fatigue, chemical sensitivies, allergies,
    and digestive problems.
•   “Professor Zabel observed that sick people
    always lack digestive juices, not only during
    the acute phase of their illness, but also for a
    long time afterwards.  In addition, he never saw
    a cancer victim that had healthy flora….Thus,
    the different lacto-fermented foods are a
    valuable aid to the cancer patient.  They are
    rich in vitamins and minerals and contain, as
    well, enzymes that cancer patients lack.  Of
    particular value are lacto-fermented beets,
    which have a very favorable effect on
    disturbed cellular function.  Many scientific
    studies have demonstrated that beets have
    a regenerating effect on the body.”
    Annelies Schoneck Des Crudites Toute
  • beets are high in betacyanin which can dramatically increase the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood
Inside the Crock
Beets are chopped and submerged in salt
water and whey.  Whey is necessary in
order to prevent the beets from going to
alcohol instead of lactic acid.  After bottled
and refrigerated, kvass may be consumed
but the flavor deepens and improves after
a couple of weeks in the cooler. 
Kvass Ingredients

What they are saying about us:

I love everything that I ordered from you. The beet kvass is delicious. I really feel like it is helping my liver immensly. I would like to order some kvass to tide me over until October. I had ordered some cultured vegetables from a company in New York (found them through Dr. Mercola's site) and I am trying to use up what I purchased. I must say that your kraut is so far superior, but I don't want what I have to go to waste, so I will use it. I only wish that I had found Hidden Pond Farm firs. I will be ordering all my kraut from you from now on starting in October when you ship again. The three different krauts I tried from you are delicious. Hopefully I will be able to try all the varieties. They are a real treat besides being so healing. Have a great day and thank you for the wonderful products you provide. Mary 

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I am from indianapolis and buy your kvass on a regular basis when I can get it. Georgetown market is out of your product. I would like to get both dill and kimchee kvass. Natures Market on 86th street is also out of your product. How can I get your product?  Is it available for pickup at your bottling location? I feel much better when I have your product daily as it has totally taken me off blood pressure meds."


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 "Personally, beet kvass gives me a feeling of energy and clarity"



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"I just wanted to drop you a line to say that your Ginger Beet Kvass is the best I've ever tasted...  And I lived in Poland for a year and had excellent kvass there. But your is just absolutely fantastic, so whatever you are doing, keep it up! "