About us


We are Andy and Beverly McDowell and we run a small farm-based new enterprise in Wayne County.   Years ago, in a quest to solve certain health problems, particularly digestive, we started making raw fermented sauerkraut and other raw fermented cultured vegetables and beverages, based on Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions.  In 2008, we were fortunate enough to acquire the “Old Home Place,” boyhood home of Andy.  Our interest in finding real answers to health problems coupled with a passion for organic gardening and a need to pay for the farm, spawned the Hidden Pond Farm enterprise.  We have recently partnered with our sister company, Abington Meadows who make our herbal tonics including Elderberry Syrup and Hawthorn Berry Syrup.   

During the warm seasons, we purchase as much of our produce as we can locally from chemical-free or organic farmers.  In the winter, we rely on certified organic produce purchased for our shipper Piazza Produce.  Piazza also picks up our product at our farm and delivers to many co-ops, deli's, health food stores, food clubs, and groceries in the tri-state area. 

In addition to our ferment endeavor, we are slowly growing our farm operation which includes raising grass fed Irish Dexters and pastured pigs:  American Guinea Hogs and Kune Kunes.  Our goal is to breed and sell our registered high-end Dexters, but also to offer grass fed beef and pork as well.  A long term goal is to revitalize our soil and build our top soil using intensive, rotational grazing of our animals.  After four years of practicing this type of grazing, we are seeing marvelous results in increased forage diversity and reduced erosion.  Feel free to visit our farm website: https://www.hiddenpondgrasslands.net/

Our aim is to provide local folks with healthy, tradition-crafted raw lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts, KimChi, Beet Kvass, and Kombucha.  August 14, 2010 Andy  completed construction of our state-certified facility located on our farm and in August, 2013 we expanded in order to quadruple our production.  This facility is perhaps the only one dedicated solely to making ferments in the state of Indiana.  We are now able to make our products on site  in temperature-controlled chambers for more consistent and high quality products.   Currently, our sister company, Abington Meadows has also completed their nearby facility (also in their barn!) as a means for producing herbal tonics, but also to provide Hidden Pond Farm production expansion as well.

 Wishing each of you the best in your quest for good health and good living.