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In a nutshell….

We make raw fermented foods: Sauerkrauts, Kombucha, Beet Kvass, KimChi, and fermented Ketchup and BBQ Sauce. SuperTonic is in a slightly different class; not really a fermented food.  Recently, we have joined with our sister company, Abington Meadows Naturals who make Hawthorn Berry Syrup - fantastic support for the heart and Elderberry Syrup. They assist Hidden Pond in kombucha production as well as produce their food tonics in their newly built commercial kitchen. Visit them at abingtonmeadows.com.

Raw fermented foods are a class of food that has been crowded out of our diets since the development of modern means of preservation: canning, pasteurization, nuking, chemical preservatives, even genetic modification. Prior to these preservation methods, fermentation was the primary means of preservation, a la Grandma's sauerkraut crock in the cellar. 

But when we stopped fermenting foods to preserve them we didn't realize that we also were giving up a host of badly needed health benefits. Fermentation actually greatly enhances the nutritive values in foods, and we sorely need those enhancements in our diet. Fermentation multiplies beneficial enzymes, even creating enzymes that weren't there before. It increases the vitamin content. It creates large numbers of beneficial microbes, the kind that populate the gut and greatly aid digestion and even immune function, which, surprisingly, is largely microbial.

As a society, we are badly missing the health benefits of fermented foods, and for the most part we don't even know it. We don't face that in large part our modern diet is killing us. Our diet, more than any other factor is why in spite of being the "best fed" nation on earth we rank 78th in health. Our diet is the "most modern" on Earth, and that, in a nutshell, is why we're so unhealthy. Ferments is only part of the picture, but a key part, and ferments is the niche we've chosen to build our business on.



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